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About us

What does the most famous Canadian travel author and travel writer Kirsten Koza think about "Nomad's Dream"? Find out HERE!

Joachim von der Lahr: "For many years I had envisaged to travel the ancient Silk Road, but time and circumstances did not allow me to carry out my plans. When finally this year I started planning, I was very quickly confronted with the critical choice to select the right travel company...  read more    

"NOMAD'S DREAM" IS YOUR BEST TRAVEL PARTNER IN KYRGYZSTAN. We have 5 years of travel experience and thousands of happy clients. "Nomad's Dream" is your friend, because our main goal is to organize you an unforgettable trip and to do our best to give you a lot of nice memories about our amazing country! 

We adhere to the following philosophy:

Our team At "Nomad's Dream" we know that no two travelers are identical. That's why our brochure of itineraries merely offers a sampling of the tours available, as an indication of the scope of services we provide. Backed by our vast experience, we offer a range of options to help our clients make the right choice that will fulfill their specific dreams and needs. Our major strength lies in our ability to virtually customize every program at no additional cost, because we know the region and the business best.

We believe the most perfect plan needs to be implemented with an equal, if not greater attention to details. At  "Nomad's Dream" everything we do is customized. Every incentive or meeting is unique in its own way. For that reason we will never limit our clients to a standard package. Our flexible operating structure allows us to give our clients the most equitable pricing for the required services.  

Our buying strength with the hotels and other suppliers empowers us to extend the most competitive rates without ever compromising on our quality of services.

In other words, "Nomad's Dream" offers an unforgettable trip to our clients, taking them back to the times of ancient nomads and unforgettable destinations.  

To provide superior travel experience to some of the most beautiful destination in the world at competitive cost and ensure that these memories last a lifetime. Our Travel Company has a proven record of accomplishments and an exciting and promising future. We hope that the future will include the opportunity of providing you superb service and excellent value.

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