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Nomad's Dream » Kyrgyzstan tour 4

Kyrgyzstan tour 4

Kyrgyzstan is rich in water resources, which are stored in our mountains. The mountains take away moisture from the skies and collect it in the glaciers. In Kyrgyzstan, there are about 40000 rivers. The total length of rivers is 150,000 km, the distance exceeds 30 times the length of the borders of Kyrgyzstan, as well as about 4 of total length of the equator!
Our potential hydro can provide electricity to England, Spain, France and Germany!
Also we have about 2000 lakes with a total area of 6836 square kilometers. The most famous is the Lake - Lake Issyk-Kul, Son Kul Kul Chater and Merzbacher Lake.
In Kyrgyzstan, there are about 8000 glaciers with a total area of 8100 square kilometers - they constitute almost 30% of the total area of Kyrgyzstan.

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