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We are glad to present you a VIP tour. It was made for people who want to find out everything about Kyrgyzstan and to live as a real nomad. You will participate in all Kyrgyz events and rituals. You will steal a wife for a man from your "tribe". Then we will organize a wedding for them, with dancing and playing on national instruments. Also you will make a present for them you will make a felt carpet by your own! You will be listening to nomadic folklore and have horse riding to pristine places. Never knew the way of erecting yurt? You will do it by your own! It is a real experience that you will never forget!

Feel the wind of nomads! Come to Kyrgyzstan!




Quantity of tourists: 2 – 80

Duration: 6 days

This tour will be as if you are 1000 years ago… You will feel the life of nomads, who lived so many centuries far from others civilizations. You will spend your nights in collapsible Kyrgyz dwellings yurts and you will find out everything about their traditions, customs and rituals. You will be carried away by our stunning pristine nature!


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